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Mango Capital, Inc. is a publicly traded company listed under the ticker symbol MCAP. Heading up the company is Rick J. Makoujy, Jr.  Rick has spent the last several years growing Land Ho, Inc. into America’s premier land wholesaler (www.LandHo.TV).  Land Ho has contributed substantial assets into Mango Capital. Mango intends to use its public shares as currency with which to acquire additional land and other undervalued assets across the country. The expectation is to use the same successful formula developed over the last several years at Land Ho to turn Mango Capital into a publicly traded powerhouse.


The Mango credo is to maximize shareholder value.  Mango Capital expects to start paying dividends in 2016. This will be accomplished through the liquidation of land assets for cash or other liquid assets. Mango will use a substantial portion of the newly raised cash flow to pay dividends to its shareholders. Mango is a company that is run for the benefit of owners at large, aka the shareholders. Rick has agreed to the run the Company for zero salary, instead receiving a share of any dividends that will be paid pro rata to every shareholder.

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